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About Me

I earned my Ed.D. degree at Teachers College, Columbia University, in 1995. My dissertation research consisted in the design and development of a hypertext environment for adult language learners of Italian. The study, based on principles of participatory design and learner-centered pedagogy, described the process of developing a prototype which integrated language resources in the form of audio, video and text. It also demonstrated the effectiveness of using computers as resource centers rather than prescriptive learning tools and confirmed that participation of teachers and learners in the design process is crucial for constructing meaningful language learning environments

I am aalso a trained and experienced professional in the field of foreign language teaching and applied linguistics. I taught all levels EFL/ESL and was involved in all aspects of EFL/ESL methodology and research. I also organized, presented and coordinated teacher-training workshops, tutored individuals, and enjoyed devising teaching units appropriate for adults with different learning needs


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